Solar and Wind Systems

A-T Solar provides a range of products all geared at lowering your electricity bills and providing a cleaner environment, while allowing use of modern technological products that improve quality and standards of living ……..
Products include:
  • Fixed, portable and mobile “Solar Generators” (from US$1.551)
  • Residential and Commercial PV systems (from US$5,000)
  • 100% (Off Grid) Solar Air Conditioning (from US$2.000)
  • Solar Lighting for gardens, parks, passages and street lights (from US$200)
  • Wind Turbines – All sizes starting from 400W (from US$1,000)
Product Description:
With this Abacus Portable Solar Generator you can use the natural energy of the sun to power multiple devices at once. The generator features a range of power capacities from 70W panels and 1000W Inverters without battery, up to 295W panels, 3KW Inverters, with charge controller and 800Ah batter(ies). Each set comes with panel leads and with or without locally manufactured modular portable trolley for easy movement and storage. All have at least two A/C outlets, which may be extended for use away from the  unit by multiple outlet extension cords.

Variable sizes, silent electricity generators to install at home for powering selected appliances on a fixed circuit, or pack and carry your solar generator for picnics, outings, outdoor parties, worksites or other field applications.



15-25 W mono solar panel, 17-28Ah maintenance free batteries, 10A Controller, 200-500W sine wave inverter.





Off-Grid Systems (with Batteries)

Level 1 System – (600W – up to 90 KWh /mth):

For Specific Applications e.g. Outdoor Lighting, or to run selected appliances at your home.  – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

Level 2 System – (1.5KW – up to 180 KWh /mth):

Starter Residential e.g. 1-2 Bedroom Apartment with 2 persons – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

Level 3 System – (2.5KW – up to 240 KWh /mth):

Small Residential e.g. 2-3 Bedroom Apartment or house with 2-3 persons – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

 Grid Tied Systems with Batteries (Hybrid)


Level 4 System – (4.5KW – up to 540 KWh /mth):

Intermediate Residential e.g. 4 Bedroom House with 4-6 persons – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

Level 5 System – (4.5KW – up to 648 KWh /mth):

Large Residential / Small Commercial e.g. 4-6 Bedroom House or offices with 6-8 persons – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

Grid Tied Systems without Batteries

Level 6 System – (6KW – up to 864 KWh /mth):

Medium Commercial e.g. Offices with 10-15 persons – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION

Level 7 System – (12KW upwards – greater than 1296 KWh /mth):

Commercial e.g. Ofices with 15-25 persons and more – CALL FOR SITE SURVEY AND QUOTATION



100% Solar Powered, Off Grid A/C Units –

9000 – 18000 BTU – For Bedrooms, Hotel Rooms, Offices, Classrooms, etc


 Inverter Type, Energy Saving, On Grid, A/C Units

9000 – 60000 BTU – For Bedrooms, Hotel Rooms, Offices, Classrooms, Conference Rooms, etc

Solar Assisted A/C Units

9000 – 60000 BTU units for Bedrooms, Offices, Classrooms, etc




Combined Solar A/C and Water Heater Units

9,000 – 22,000 BTU a/c units with 30 – 50 Gal water heater for residences, Hotels, Hospitals, Eucational  Institutions, etc





Solar Street Lights 

Used to light Streets, Bus shelters, Mining sites, Camps, Academic campuses, Temporary sites, Private residences, Parks & recreation areas, Estate developments, etc

Solar Security Lights

Used as security lighting for Perimeters, Bus shelters, Mining sites, Camps, Academic campuses, Temporary sites, Private residences, Parks & recreation, Estate developments, etc.

7 LED lamp is high illumination ,big power, pollution-free ,energy-saving,and long age of 5000-100000 hours.

Led Work Lights   

Two leds – solar powered, rechargeable, motion activated. Durable weather resistant plastic construction. Built in solar panel, fixture is motion activated at night. No wiring necessary, mounts almost anywhere. Equipped with a photocell, turns on only at night. Up to 23 foot range in a 100 degree arc. (3) AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (installed).


Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind GeneratorWind Generators: (from 400W – 38 KWh /mth)


Solar Panels : (from 90W)

Flexible Solar Panels: (from 68W )


Solar Powered Fans



Solar Cookers



Laptop Cell Phone Charger

Solar PV Module:15W, 18V, Lithium Battery:11.1V, 8AH, Laptop Charger:MAX, 3A, Flashlight:1W

Lots More …….

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