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A-T Solar found in a study of solar policy in the leading US solar state, Louisiana, that the state government subsidizes household installations up to 80%, of which 50% is refunded with an immediate rebate cheque and 30% by tax refunds. This was stated as the single largest reason for the ‘take off’ in solar installations in that state, with resultant energy savings and consequent significant reduction in its carbon footprint.

“I noted that householders in the Lower Ninth Ward, (which was badly hit by Hurricane Katrina and where Brad Pitt had generously constructed a number of new houses, all built and equipped with “grid-tie” solar systems), were already boasting months when their electricity bills were negative, as they were selling more power to the grid than they were using. This again, was only possible because the power companies sold and purchased power on the basis of a KWh for a KWh, instead of using differential buy and sell rates…………… Other states and countries will hopefully learn from their successes“.

Stacey Thompson – A-T Solar – “Come to the Real Professionals”


Jan 2014Abacus A-T Solar studying financing mechanisms for growing household and commercial demand.

Jan -Dec 2013 – Residential and Commercial Off-Grid and Grid-Tie Solar Systems installed throughout Kingston and St Andrew. 

June 2012 – “A-T Solar” launches 100%, off grid,  solar powered, air condition units. Call for more on these products that will keep you cool through the summer and all year round, WITHOUT EVER HAVING AN ELECTRICITY BILL. Download and print latest solar a/c flyers here.

May 2012A-T Solar” and “Churches Credit Union” explore affordable financing for solar power to households across Jamaica, with special promotional rates for KITCHENS and LIGHTING .  Download and print latest fliers here and here.

Feb – Apr 2012 – “A-T Solar” studies solar policy in Louisiana.

Jan 2012 – A-T Solar Established

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